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    Clients, Partners and Major Efforts​

    The following is a brief summary of efforts we support on behalf of selected clients in the Aerospace and Defense segmentx`

Systems Testing in Contested Cyberspace Environments

The USAF Test Center and retained us to develop a curriculum to educate industry professionals on testing complex military systems in contested cyberspace environments. We are creating an expandable curriculum using frameworks developed in collaboration with service research laboratories and MIT. These frameworks enable senior leaders - in the military and commercial industry - to understand, manage and mitigate risk in highly complex systems without expending unneeded resources in difficult, costly and ineffective “bottoms up” analyses.

Cybersecurity and Mission Assurance for Autonomous Systems

We have been hired by Cambridge, MA startups and established firms to provide design insights and solutions for complex autonomous systems. As part of a DARPA sponsored project, Corvus Analytics provides operational, mission assurance, cybersecurity, and systems engineering expertise for requirements definition for cutting edge military capability.

Revenue Growth Strategy Development

We assist a client in the Aerospace and Defense industry to develop a revenue growth strategy to mitigate and recover from a projected 45% reduction in revenue starting in 2Q16. Changes in the marketplace towards commoditized technical support services have created significant cost pressures across the A&D segment. Many providers have arrived at a point of diminishing returns via cost savings. New investments are required to grow revenue in the right segment. We work with the client to understand their capabilities; align core competencies with the right customer; develop a simple, effective prioritized strategy; communicate the strategy to primary stakeholders; and execute for success.

Concept Development for Industry Accelerators

CA is working with two government clients to determine how to grow a focused segment of the national aviation market in their state. Adapting successful frameworks used in programs such as MassChallenge, we are crafting a plan to identify and address the coordinated steps that a state agency needs to take in order to incentivize and grow risk capital investments in emerging companies in this segment. As part of the deliverable, we are developing a multi year plan to evolve early stage businesses - "from hackathon to private equity."

Aviation Cybersecurity and Risk Management for the Insurance Industry

We partner with carriers and brokers to develop Aviation Cybersecurity solutions for aviation insurance. Explosive growth in the drone segment coupled with increasingly commoditized vehicle costs point to tremendous opportunities to create and capture value by providing robust, repeatable risk management / risk pricing support for insurance providers. This is an area that is very early to market and forms the core of our strategic focus.

Operations Consulting

We advise selected clients in the A&D market on visual techniques for project management, using tools and frameworks used by MIT, Toyota and Harley Davidson (among others) to improve efficiency, reduce rework, implement “pull” workflows, and improve customer deliverables. The first study identified an excess of 70 man-hours per month on administrative tasks that can now be refocused on value creation activity. We are doing pro bono consulting engagements for selected Boston Area nonprofits focused on streamlining their operations and fundraising.

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