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    Why Us

We constantly rely on increasingly complex systems in all areas of life. We expect our airliners to be safe; that automated traffic systems will keep us from harm; and that power, water and communications will be available and reliable.

But increasing complexity in these systems also drives increased vulnerability. We are seeing ever increasing numbers of cyber attacks on aviation, automation and critical infrastructure. The outcomes of cyber attacks on these segments - attacks that are happening NOW - are dangerous to our communities, costly to businesses and crippling to our economy.

Every year we spend more and more on cybersecurity tools to respond to these attacks. But nevertheless, every year we discover and are affected by more and more cyber attacks. Clearly, our current approaches are not working. The more we spend on traditional cybersecurity, the worse off we are. Traditional cybersecurity approaches are insufficient to protect complex systems.

We started Corvus Analytics with one simple question: Can we do better? We first asked if we could prevent drones from being hacked. We developed and implemented a methodology to assess and mitigate the risk of cyber attacks. It was so successful that we expanded to autonomous systems, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, and critical infrastructure. We are now able to help firms design cyber resiliency into products at an early stage, when costs are lowest and the impact the highest.

Can your firm afford to NOT protect itself for cyber threats? Can you afford NOT to develop products that are resilient from design?

Contact us. We can help.

Corvus Analytics is a Veteran Owned Small Business. Contact us at info@corvusanalytics.net to learn more about what we can do for you.

Let's Secure the Sky™