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Q: "Well, I already implemented 128-bit encryption in my architecture. Can you top that?"

A: That's not what we do. Some 16 year old hacker has already overcome your 128-bit encryption after a late night of pizza and Red Bull. What we do is enable your customer to understand that, and work with you to analyze where that adversary will compromise your system and develop a plan to mitigate it.

Q: "Cybersecurity is not really a threat to UAVs, and securing them is not cost effective: the vehicles are relatively inexpensive and we can afford to lose them."

A: "Our industry is evolving into one where amateurs talk about vehicles, and professionals talk about the information flowing through those vehicles" (Ohio UAS Conference, 24 Aug 15). For a provider of UAV services, the greatest asset may be their vehicles and control systems. But for commercial drone users, their most important asset is the information created and transmitted by that system. That information is far more valuable than the system itself - and that is what needs to be protected.

Q: "Cybersecurity is not really a threat to Manned Aircraft, and securing them is not cost effective: there is no way that an airplane can be hacked, and mitigation is expensive."

A: Manned aircraft - airliners, bizjets, even general aviation - have an astounding amount of threat apertures. The aviation industry is a perfect model for critical infrastructure: legacy and current day systems managing disparate information flows across information paths spanning decades of technology. Tool based approaches to cybersecurity are quite ineffective for these implementations - system level assessment and mitigation is the only effective approach.

Q: "Well, we just hired company X to provide us services, and they told us that their system is completely secure! Why should we worry?"

A: You should worry anytime the fox guards the henhouse. If you are not using a third party expert to validate claims of information protection - and to develop risk mitigation plans to protect your information - you are placing your valuable data at risk.

Q: "I just encrypted every link, every access point, and every user interface in my network. It cost me a ton of money and I don't need to spend any more."

A: First, congratulations on taking action on the security of your system! Market analysis puts you at the very top of the list of knowledgeable partners. Unfortunately, implementing Cybersecurity without planning can be very expensive - and inefficient. We can analyze the systems your vendors provide to ensure that you are managing risk while being cost effective. Being completely secure yet insolvent does not translate into growth: managing risk smartly does.

Q: "What is a 'Corvus', anyway?"

A: Corvus is Latin for Crow, which is the historical mascot of electronic warfare, stealth operations, and other high technology, classified operations in the US Air Force. Some aircrews, specially trained in electronic warfare, are called "crows" or "ravens" depending on the aircraft they fly.

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