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Corvus Analytics works with your product team to analyze and evaluate your system against cyber risks. We focus on your broad business objectives, and help you perform assessments that quantify your system performance against cyber threats. We help you select the right cybersecurity tools and implement necessary changes to mitigate cyber risk. At the end of the assessment, your product - or your organization - is able to implement process, design, or tool changes that enable you to meet business objectives while mitigating risk.


Corvus Analytics provide on-site classes that teach your developers the principles of designing and testing resilient systems. We will adapt the course to your team's size and expertise, and use cases closely tailored to your needs. At the end of the course, your developers will understand what design aspects they need to focus in order to ensure your system is Assured by Design™.

Assurance by designTM

Corvus Analytics works alongside your product development team providing integrated but independent support to ensure your system incorporates cyber resiliency at the design level. Our experts assist your team in incorporating the right standards - NIST, RMF, ISO, SAE and more - guided by sound design principles rooted in systems engineering. At the end of your development process (typically 6-18 months) you will be able to deploy a product that is far more cyber resistant than the competition. Even better, since you incorporated that early in the design process, you can do that at a much lower cost. Your firm gains a competitive advantage by offering a cyber resilient product at the right price.

Corvus Analytics is a Veteran Owned Small Business. Contact us at info@corvusanalytics.net to learn more about what we can do for you.

Let's Secure the Sky™